HLAHOL's history dates back to 1984 when Milos "Mumli" Levek (drums) and Milan Korda (guitar - vocals) founded Heavy metal band in Teplice, which at the beginning called BLACK OUT. On the bass they also took Tomáš "James" Jarolím. The name BLACK OUT on HLAHOL was changed by Milan Špalek (Kabát), who started playing BLACK OUT at the time when Kabat guys went to war. HLAHOL at that time played a lot of things inspired by Motorhead, Judas Priest, Accept.
As soon as Milan Špalek had the boys together again, he began to devote himself to Kabát, who had tried with HLAHOL in the same test room. James took Libor Matejcik to Motorband, where he became a successful bass player, but HLAHOL remained without a bass, only composed by Mumli (drums) and Milan Korda (guitar - vocals). Milan Korda then decided to play bass like Lemmy Killmister: o) and guitarist Martin Křivka came to the band.
So HLAHOL in 1986 - Milan Korda (bass - vocals), Mumli (drums), Martin Křivka (guitar). At that time, Pepa Vojtek, who just returned from the war, joined the band. Mumli in the spring of 1987 replaces Daniel "Hafo" Haftstein behind drums.
At the end of 1987, HLAHOL broke up because "Hafo" was leaving for Motorband and Pepa Vojtek started singing with KABAT.
At the beginning of 1988, however, HLAHOL is back in the set of Mumli (drums), Milan Korda (bass) and new guitarist Ota Váňa (guitar). At that time HLAHOL played a lot of style influenced by Thrash (Slayer, Anthrax, Metallica). After the departure of Ota Váni to Kabát, Martin Křivka returns to the guitar again, and Karel Steiniger, the devil from Krupka, plays the second guitar.
In 1989, the band is again breaking apart. Together, HLAHOL is back in 1991 by Pavel Hradil (drums), Petr Záhorcák (guitar), Milan Korda (bass), Milan Illes (guitar). Milan Illes brings rock elements to HLAHOL, because AC / DC is circulating in his blood. Together with Milan Corda, the sound of Motorhead combined with the AC / DC rhythm. This style begins to play HLAHOL in 1991 and actually holds it to this day. Petr Záhorčák left Martin Scott in 1993 for Martin Kolařík. At the same time, he replaced Pavel Hradila for drums by Honza Brand, and on the second guitar he broke the brother of Milan Illes Lubor, who played in the band MEWA and in the project of Tomáš Krulich URUGUAY CAVALLERY.
In 1995 there was another major change in HLAHOL history. For the first time in the band there is not one founding member of the band. Milan Korda leaves and Dan Trojanek comes to the post of bass player. Behind the drums is also a new face, which is Radek Šikl. And HLAHOL has for the first time also the singer singer Martin "Cake" Cake.
In the line-up Milan Illes (guitar), Lubor Illes (guitar), Dan Trojanek (bass), Radek Šikl (drums), Martin "Koláč" Back Abdomen "
In 1997, guitarist Lubor Illes leaves from Hlaholu, where he managed to get back to the bigboat Libor Matejcik (MOTORBAND), who had already hung a nail guitar at that time. HLAHOL actually made him play again and devote his heart to Heavy Metal. At the end of 1999, the HLAHOL chapter was closed again.
In 15 years of playing this project has produced dozens of pics that are worth seeing and are still valid.
The band has gone through a lot of well-known musicians. Perhaps we have not forgotten in the history of the band. Radek Šikl is playing drums in the Hungarian Revival KISS FOREVER BAND.
In 2008, a new stage of the HLAHOL Group begins to be written.
Milan Korda brushed off the four bass strings, dragged both brothers to Illeš Milan and Lubor and, behind the drums, he managed to get the legendary drummer of Milan "Fugas" Krka.
In the spring of 2009, they had 14 songs on the list. Everything is again in the spirit of HLAHOL, so mix AC / DC and Motorhead. Fugas ends for health reasons and replaces him in 2011 with drums Daniel Hafo Haftstein.