Stylishly, Mean Messiah music could be described as a mixture of thrash and death metal with progressive and industrial elements. The album "Hell" is based on a simple concept of "the path of human fates is intricate, but all lead to hell", which is unfolded in the text part of individual compositions. They tie each other together in their content, forming the resulting, forty-minute drive, the darkest corners of the human mind.
Immediately after the release of the debut album, Dan began intensively searching for suitable teammates to introduce the work recorded on the debut "Hell" on the concert stages. After months of searching and testing, the Mean Messiah lineup was set in the following composition: Dan Friml - guitar / vocal, Honza Sebek - drums and Veronika Smetanova - bass.
In April 2014, the band began to perform and the performances were highly valued by both the audience and their persuasiveness and instrumental maturity.