The purchase of the ticket is concluded between the organizer of the festival Culture for Silesian Ostrava, z.s., Kmetská 1299/9, 710 00 Ostrava - Slezská Ostrava, and a participant in the festival, a contract for participation in the festival SORFEST

Dear visitors of the SORFEST music festival, so that you can enjoy the festival in the best possible condition, please observe the organizer's instructions and the conditions for participation below. All measures are designed to lead to a smooth running of the festival and create the best atmosphere. Each visitor receives an ID bracelet (IN) on the wrist that entitles him to enter the festival area and replaces the ticket.
For a lost, unused or destroyed ticket or IN, no refund is granted.
The participant with this contract (by purchasing a ticket or by receiving an identification bracelet) undertakes to become acquainted with the Rules of the SORFEST Festival and to observe the Terms of participation in the festival

Terms of participation in the festival

At the SORFEST festival, participants are prohibited:

- Containing glass containers including bottles, cans, film cameras, weapons (fire, gas, stab and cutting weapons, knives), dangerous objects, pyrotechnic articles, explosive and inflammable substances.

- To bring your own alcoholic beverages of any quantity and kind.
- Add non-alcoholic beverages in excess of 0.5 l per person.
- To ingest and use toxic, narcotic, addictive and psychotropic substances prohibited by Czech legislation.
- Enter dogs and other animals except companion dogs of visually impaired people.
- Distribute or place any promotional or promotional material on the premises or conduct other marketing activities without the organizer's permission.
- Photographing and making audio and video recordings with professional and semi-professional technique during the festival.
- Detailed information:
- Professional photographers are allowed to take pictures only by pre-accredited photographers. - - Participants can only bring non-professional automatic cameras - compact cameras that can not be used with an external flash. The basic distinguishing feature is the size of the lens - a compact mirror x with a large protruding lens.
- Climbing or climbing to buildings and facilities in the event area, especially facades, fences, walls, barriers, lighting equipment, camera stands, columns of any kind, roofs and other structures.
- Put away objects or liquids on the production area or visitors to the festival.
- Freeze glass or other objects that compromise the safety of others.
- Entrance to the festival area in cars, motorcycles, bicycles, roller skates, skates, scooters, animals, etc.
- Bring suitcases, big bags and backpacks, umbrellas.

At the SORFEST Festival participants are required to:

- Adhere to the Order of the SORFEST Festival, follow the instructions of the festival organizer or its authorized persons, as well as the police, firefighters, rescue services and comply with Czech legislation.
- When entering the festival area, a security check is carried out, which is carried out by the security service even with the use of technical means. The tour covers also the baggage carried and allows the inspection of the items to be imported. When a security check is refused, the participant will not be allowed to enter the festival grounds
- To be shown when entering the area with the identification bracelet received after the ticket is handed over.
- Wear the IN firmly worn and undamaged on the wrist for the duration of the stay in the festival area and submit it for review to the organizer of the festival or security service. If a participant does not own IN, he will need to buy IN or leave the festival premises without delay. After removing the IN wrist, the IN is invalidated. Additional modifications become IN invalid. IN is a security, its forgery and altering is forbidden.
- Maintaining cleanliness and order, avoiding any action that jeopardizes the health or property of participants and performers, adhere to the general principles of good behavior.
- Depositing garbage exclusively in containers designated for this purpose.
- Report to the organizer of a defect that can cause damage to the health of persons or property.
- In case of an accident or other extraordinary event on the premises of the festival, immediately notify the organizer of the festival through an authorized person.
- To move around on your own premises within the festival grounds carefully and avoid injury. You can only move to the festival visitors' premises, eg by fencing, throwing barriers, etc. Any violation or failure to respect the designated area is considered a gross violation of the Festival Rules.
- Respect command and information boards located in the festival area.
- In the case of the announcement of the evacuation of the festival grounds to follow the instructions of the authorized persons responsible for the evacuation.
- To observe the conditions of participation in the festival, to follow the instructions of the organizer or persons authorized by them and to comply with Czech legislation.

SORFEST festival participant:

- Participates in the festival exclusively under his own responsibility.
- He must act with care towards the other participants so as not to cause injury or property damage to himself or to others.
- He notes that without the identification bracelet or violation of other conditions of participation in the festival, he loses the right to enter the campus.
- He is responsible for any damage he / she may cause to the premises of the festival site or to the property of other visitors (damages will be recovered in accordance with the applicable Czech legislation).
- He agrees to take his person's photographs, audio and video records for artistic, news, advertising and promotional purposes without the right to reward.
- He will be handed over to the Police of the Czech Republic or to the Municipal Police in case of serious violation of the conditions for participation in the festival and the suspicion of committing a criminal offense under the Czech legislation in force.
If they see that someone needs treatment or help, they contact the health service or the organizers of the festival without delay.
- For minor participants in the festival, their legal representatives, or persons supervising minors, are responsible for their supervision.

The organizer of the festival SORFEST is entitled to:

- To bring a participant to the festival with the help of a security service from the premises in violation of the SORFEST Festival Order or if it finds the behavior of the participant unfair.
- To give instructions to the festival participants, absolutely necessary for the festival's perfect performance, health protection and property protection.
- Perform through the security service to check people and their luggage when entering the festival area.
- For intentional damage or contamination of equipment and equipment of the festival area or damage caused by failure to comply with the Visitors Rules, the visitor may demand damages.
- Perform inspections in the field of fire protection.
- Change the program of the festival in the event of unexpected events (weather conditions, health effects, accidents, etc.), including the premature ending of the festival.
- Changing the Terms of Participation in the Festival if Necessary.

The festival organizer is not responsible for damage to property (including the theft of things not taken by the organizer in custody at the designated venue) or the health of the festival participants, unless such damage is caused by a breach of law by the organizer and directly related to the violation.

In addition to the festival organizer, it is entitled to supervise the observance and observance of the SORFEST Festival Visitors Security Service.
The SORFEST Festival Visitor Rules are posted at the front entrance of the campus.