Sarkonia is a band that brings not only its musical creation but also an ideology that offers a completely different view of the soul of the human soul, the emotions, the perception of man and the world around him. It is built on the six basic pillars, the embodied beings, which also embodies and whose power forms together a whole and the overall inner balance and harmony, understanding. Each pillar represents a part of human emotions that are not divided into good or bad. It brings a look in which everyone has its merits and place. Absence of one, or its superiority, would lead to distortion of all balance and harmony. Without one, it loses its other value and meaning.
Sarkonia was the first person to give these six beings their power, in the form of emotions, goals, dreams, ideas, and hopes. And also the first person to discover that even though one can discover, explore, and discover the world, the universe and the things around, the ultimate mystery and the most incomprehensible territory is ultimately just him, and the most difficult way is that which leads to the shrouded corners of his own nitrate.
Everything begins at a time when one was a living creature, but emotions, goals, and hopes were alien to him. He lacked any sense of being, and was tempted by life thrown only by the power and righteous but sometimes cruel laws of nature. Still, in a world she knew, she was in harmony. But that was not to be forever. The six beings sent out of Empty entered the world of people to devour all good things, destroy all beautiful things, and destroy the will of all living. Each of the beings ruled by a unique force. Power to serve only one purpose. Put all order of Empty and enslave any will to life. The victory of Empty seemed to be easy, because one did not understand in his simplicity what should be prepared. But there are other powers in the world, just as mighty, if not more powerful, and so it happened what Empty did not expect. Her servants Sat, Freya, Irae, Danae, Kairis, and Tris have begun to exaggerate in the midst of destruction and abuse, who is more powerful. But they could not judge this, because everyone thought he was more powerful than the other. In this way, their wounds could continue to infinity, not the coincidence that changed the fates of all. During the struggle, the eye of one of the creatures fell on a man hiding near before their rage. The man was Sarkonia. They decided to resolve their dispute by putting each of them into Sarkonia's power. Whoever dominates Sarkonia will be the most powerful. But something was wrong with it. Inside Sarkonia, something other than the power of beings awoke. Emotion. The feelings that should have destroyed their masters, but what even the beings themselves did not know, the power to form. And so it happened that Sarkonia woke up ...