During 2015 - 2016, the band is working on new songs for the next album. Already during the filming, it is clear to Mr. Herez that the album would sound like a concert in the same way that the next guitarist will be asked for the recording itself.
After logical reasoning, the type of long-time friend and former teammate Radka Sladkého -Radka Kroce, who started with the band and tried to perform his baptism in Germany at the metal festival in March 2016.
Radek Kroc will perform several spring and summer concerts, and due to his new work in the new project from Torr in the fall of 2016, he leaves. Meanwhile, the latest tracks have been touched on a new album, which Kroc is no longer involved in. 11.11.2016 is released after 5 years of a new album called Black'n'roll and Törr goes on tour with his co-owners Root. Tour continues at the beginning of 2017.