Fruit powdered lemonade originated in 1970 and it was a great hit! The Vitacit group joined together only a few years later and also became a legend. And legends have the right to pause and rise again from ashes. And that's just what happened.
The last comeback took place less than ten years ago. At that time, Vitacit joined Kreyson, but he is already gone. In its current form, we find in an experienced part of longtime guitarist Luděk Adámek whose drummer Stanley Jahoda will be followed. Guitar tortures founder Pavel Kuře Hejč, Petr Eda Kocour and Honza Bouška. Behind the microphone we find the lost son Dan Horyn and Fany Stehlík, who with Vitacite enjoyed his streetrock period around the album You are moving.
And where does the reborn Vitacit go? Especially in the popular period of the mid-1980s, but with the fact that the septet does not miss the time-tested hits from 1976 to the more recent compositions of the first half of the nineties. Of course, there are also new tracks on which the ensemble is working. Whoever saw the band last year at the Maxxliks motorcycle event, surely knows what energy is in it.